Stressful situations are unfortunately regular part of daily basis routine today. There are many minor pressures that we even do not notice to traumatic situations which can leave significant consequences to our mind and body. There is also a form of eustress known as positive effect stress which makes our performance better, but people do not refer to those as on the negative ones.

Health worries

 stress at workLosing control over life because of illness may lead to constant concern for future situations. This fear over own health or the health of our loved ones is healthy and natural but may leave some drastic consequences. Spending energy reserves to cope with health worries and stress may have some serious physical effect on us. It may be hard, but thinking about favorable situations and things in life will significantly the lower impact of this stress source.

Stress at work

As most of our lifetime we spend at work it presents a serious and constant source of stress. Daily high pressure at work with deadlines or bad atmosphere among your work colleagues can really have a great impact and create serious suffer. Best and only solution is to learn how to separate work-related tasks from leisure and family.

Life change

Any change no matter is positive or negative requires a certain amount of adaptation and can be a source of stress. Some events like leaving home, starting a new job or having a new family member can really impact individual’s life. Some people even have problems when changing some little details about their surrounding or daily schedule. Changing is really the relative source of stress but surely is the one. It is best to take a deep breath, take it naturally and talk about it, so adaptation process passes with less stress as possible.

Financial worries

As much as we would like not to think about material facts in our lives it is just very complicated to do it. The material world is abnormally growing and also material behavior of humanity. Money has become one of the main stress resources in the world. Increasing bills, loans, credit card are just putting a serious pressure on daily basis while making a great burden. That constant feeling of not being able to pay the bills and live comfortably is destroying people slowly and seriously impacting also their relation to family and close friends. Manage it by thinking of all the positive and nice moments produced by your hard work for this financial capability and make yourself a modest measure of happy life. It is not so hard to live happy with less money as we all think is impossible.


Losing a loved one is one of the most serious and painful experiences in life. This shock inevitably leads to stress and usually has serious effects to mind and body. After loss there are also leading events like funeral that prolongs stress situation and many person just can’t accept for very long time losing of a loved one. This is very difficult situation but it just takes time and it is important to socialize as much as possible and go back to regular life routine as soon as possible.