Men are in constant struggle with their hair. Early hair loss was fatal for men in the 40s, and today there are more and more young men in the 20s or 30s who notice more hair on the comb than on their head. Experts say the main cause of early hair loss is a lot to do with changed lifestyle, nutrition, and stress. So we will discuss why hair loss may occur and how to get it back.

Androgenetic alopecia, known as the male hereditary baldness, is a form of hair loss in a particular pattern, and begins in the frontal line, on the halves, and on the crown of the head. This form of decline is hereditary and occurs in families.

  1. Genetics

Guys always notice if their father is bald and assume that they will look the same in the future, but when it comes to male hereditary baldness, genes are inherited along the mother’s line. You should pay attention to your relatives on your mother’s side.


  1. Poor nutrition

The hair is made of keratin, a type of protein. If your diet is based on fast foods, oily and preserved foods or vegan foods, it is possible that you do not consume enough protein, which can cause hair thinning. Reduced iron, which is missing in fast food, is another cause that contributes to hair loss. Sudden and extreme hair loss, due to an uncontrolled diet, also leads to hair thinning.

  1. Stress

Stress is another major cause of hair thinning. When you are under severe chronic stress, this reflects on your hormones, causing imbalance, and eventually leading to hair thinning.

  1. Poor circulation

Each hair grows from a follicle that feeds your bloodstream. If you have problems with circulation or poor nutrition, it can lead to hair loss. You should try to massage your scalp with oils and medicaments that will accelerate circulation.

  1. Medical conditions

Medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and lupus are associated with loss of hair. The presence of parasites, such as Tinea, can also damage the follicles and lead to hair scarring or falling out in seals. Hemotherapy and radiation therapy is often used to treat cancer and usually causes hair loss, but the hair begins to grow again when the treatment is finished.

  1. Daily shampooing

Daily washing with inadequate shampoo is another reason for damaging your hair. The scalp contains natural oils that help your hair to stay healthy. By removing these natural oils, the strong chemicals contained in most shampoos cause the hair to become dry and brittle and it starts to fall out

  1. Hair treatments and hair styling

The hairstyle that pulls the follicle, as does the “hedgehog” hairstyle, the hair attached to the tail, and too much gel, can accelerate hair loss. Chemical treatments, hair colloring, and hair dryers can also weaken and damage your hair and cause hair loss. So when you choose a hairstyle, let it be something that your hair can withstand.